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Feeling the pinch of the cost of living going up and up? Want to reduce your expenses but dont want to compromise on quality? We hear you. We have put together a new exciting budget buster box of quality beef.  We have added some versatile cuts with some new recipe ideas to get the juices flowing.


Whats in the box? 7kg mixed cuts of grass fed, pasture raised beef. Please note all weight is approximate.


Beef Cubes 1kg


Beef strips 1kg


Beef mince 3kg


Sausages 2kg


What is Y-Bone? It is also known as blade steak, but on the bone. It gets its name from the y shape of the bone. It is great for slow cooking, to get all the flavour out of the bone and the tenderness out of the meat. It can be BBQ'ed like a normal steak but we would suggest slow cooking it to maximise flavour and texture.

Budget Buster

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