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This beer intertwines the untamed complexities of mixed cultures with the unpredictable nature of wild fermentation. Experience fleeting melon hints followed by the bold tang of overripe oranges. As the journey unfolds, delicate hints of biscuit flavours emerge towards the finish, adding a layer of depth and warmth. Osso Buco is a rich and flavorful dish, typically cooked with vegetables, broth, and wine. It is a perfect pairing with 'Wild Thing', that complements or contrasts with the flavors of the Osso Buco, depening on which recipe you choose. Here are five serving suggetsions of Osso Buco dishes, each with a unique twist, that would pair well with this barrel-aged beer, to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.


What's in the box?

2 x 750ml 'Latest release of Wild Thing'

1.5kg x Osso Buco premium grass fed beef


1. Classic Osso Buco with Gremolata:

A traditional Osso Buco with a flavorful broth, served over saffron risotto or creamy polenta, and garnished with a vibrant gremolata made from chopped parsley, lemon zest, and minced garlic.


2. Beer-Braised Osso Buco with Dark Ale:

Osso Buco braised in a rich and hearty (store bought, of course) dark ale, enhancing the depth of flavor. Serve it over mashed potatoes or a bed of roasted root vegetables.


3. Cherry-Balsamic Glazed Osso Buco:

Osso Buco braised in a sauce featuring a reduction of balsamic vinegar and sweet cherries. Serve it over creamy polenta to balance the flavors.


4. Citrus and Herb-Marinated Osso Buco:

Osso Buco marinated in a mixture of citrus juices, herbs, and spices for a refreshing twist. Braised until tender and served over a bed of herb-infused couscous.


5. Mushroom and Truffle Osso Buco:

Osso Buco cooked with a savory mushroom and truffle-infused broth, served over truffle mashed potatoes.


When serving barrel-aged beers, it's essential to consider the beer's temperature. Many barrel-aged beers are best enjoyed slightly warmer than refrigerator temperature to allow their flavors to fully develop. As with any beer and food pairing, personal preferences play a significant role, so feel free to experiment and discover the combinations that suit your taste.

Beef and Beer Combo (Osso Buco and Wild Thing)

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