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Here are a few Serving Suggestions for the products available on our website. I am a "free spirit style" Chef, so I encourage you to change ingredient quantities to suit your preferences, or what you have available.. in fact all ingredients are interchangeable so feel free to use these recipes as a guide rather than gospel. Cooking is supposed to be fun, so don't stress out over not having everything you need. What you have is good enough. Go ahead and give it a go. I would love any pictures or feedback from your cooking adventures! Enjoy!!

Serving Suggestion .png

Beef Curry

This is a basic beef curry recipe. Go ahead and add more of anything or take something out. Only have chopped canned tomatoes, or fresh, go ahead and use those instead! I prefer whole peeled tomatoes because they can only what they say on the can, where as chopped tomatoes could come from any step of the processing process. Feel free to experiment and throw in some coconut, or more tomatoe and no coconut milk.

The only thing I would suggest you follow, is the 'layering' of the spices. Let them cook before adding the next spice. They should become fragrant before adding the next one. This adds a depth of flavour that can only be achieved by layering the spices. Serve with our Lime Pickle, home made naan, rice, cucumber ritta.. any of your favorite curry accompaniments. enjoy!

Asian Style Beef Ribs

This recipe is delicious. Really strong flavours that compliment the meaty flavour of the beef short rib. Really tender and falls off the bone. Serve with steamed rice and Asian greens.

asian beef short rib.png
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