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If you have been looking at ways to start your regenerative journey, you will have discovered that the equipment you need to assist you is very specific and expensive to buy. That's what we found anyway. We don't want that you put you off, so we have partnered with Gilldora Grove, to provide some of the equipment necessary so we can rent it to you, with a highly experienced operator. So, you can sit back and watch your land be transformed. We are passionate about regenerative agriculture and would like to do all we can to help as many people along this journey. Reach out and let's discuss how to get you started.

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No Til Disc Seeder

This no-til disc seeder is run behind the tractor. It has a 1 tonne seed feeder plus space for fertiliser (organic of course) to be fed at the same time. The discs create the smallest possible disturbance to the soil, keeping the integrity of the soil in tact.  The depth of the seeder can be controlled as well as the rate of seed distribution.  It's a great way to seed some paddocks.

Cable Layer

Cable layer with minimum disturbance to the soil. Depth is controlled and cable layed as tractor drives forward. To hire, please contact us.

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